Amar Sahay, Ph.D.

Associate Investigator
Center for Regenerative Medicine, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Associate Member
Broad Institute
Principal Faculty
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
James and Audrey Foster MGH Research Scholar 2019-2024
Mass General Research Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital
alzheimer's disease; brain aging; cognitive decline; dentate gyrus; dentate gyrus circuit; emotion; hippocampal memory processing; hippocampus; neural circuits; neural stem cells; neurogenesis; post-traumatic stress disorder; social memory disorders The incidence and complexity of mental illnesses and cognitive impairments associated with ageing and Alzheimer’s disease underscores the need to develop novel treatments. Our mission is to generate fundamental insights into the contributions of circuit- and plasticity mechanisms in the dentate gyrus (DG)-CA3 circuit  in hippocampal memory processing and modulation of mood. By integrating cellular, circuit, systems and behavioral interrogation of DG-CA3 functions and adult hippocampal neurogenesis, we aspire to rejuvenate and re-engineer hippocampal circuitry to optimize circuit performance and memory processing. We predict that this will edify strategies to treat PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, social memory disorders and age-related cognitive decline.  
Sahay Lab Publications

Simches Building
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