Michael Mansour, M.D., Ph.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
ID Research 2 Monthly, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Assistant Physician
Infectious Disease, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD 2005
antigens, fungal; aspergillosis; aspergillus fumigatus; candida albicans; cryptococcosis; cryptococcus neoformans; host-pathogen interactions; lectins, c-type; mannose-binding lectins; phagocytosis; phagosomes; receptors, mitogen The Mansour lab investigates the critical molecular mechanisms responsible for host immune responses to life-threatening fungal pathogens. Our studies focus on neutrophils, the first line of defense against bacteria and fungi, and the role of fungal carbohydrates in innate immunity. We also perform patient-oriented research by using predictive modeling to assess risk of fungal infection in susceptible patients. Together, these investigations provide the foundation for the development of cellular therapies for infectious diseases as well as improved vaccine strategies. We hope that our research will enhance our understanding of the innate immune mechanisms against fungal pathogens that exist in our everyday environment.