Brian Seed, Ph.D.

Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Genetics
Harvard Medical School
antigens differentiation; biologicals; cloning molecular; databases nucleic acid; dna primers; glass; homozygous mutant embryonic stem cells; homozygous mutant mouse embryonic fibroblasts; hybrid biologicals; receptors fc; sodium-glucose transporter 2; t-lymphocyte; virus diseases

Work in our lab is centered on approaches to identify interesting genes and pathway connections using automated methods for analysis of function.

We have amassed a collection of high efficiency expression plasmids that encompass a large fraction of the human genome, which allows us to comprehensively explore the contributions of each gene product individually.

We have also created simple systems for the rapid generation of homozygous mutant embryonic stem cells, and, by extension, convenient methods for the creation of homozygous mutant mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Together these approaches provide a powerful and relatively simple system for rigorously evaluating the proposed roles of individual gene products for signaling in vivo.

A fraction of the lab is also engaged in the development of new therapeutic entities to treat human diseases. This effort is multidisciplinary and includes the development of technologies to address and correct acquired disorders as well as the creation of new biologicals and chemically modified hybrid biologicals. The majority of this effort is aimed at new approaches to treat tumors and metabolic conditions.

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