Dieter Manstein, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Cutaneous Biology Research Center, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Harvard Medical School
Assistant In Dermatology
Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Westfalische Wilhelms University 1996
fractional photothermolysis; hot temperature; laser therapy; laser therapy low-level; lasers semiconductor; lipectomy; non-invasive fat removal; selective cryolipolysis; skin; skin aging The Manstein lab conducts basic and clinical research related to novel, energy-based procedures in dermatology. Dr. Manstein co-invented Fractional Photothermolysis, which revolutionized many dermatological laser procedures and Selective Cryolipolysis, a novel concept of non-invasive fat removal.
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CNY-Building #149
149 13th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129