Konrad Hochedlinger, Ph.D.

M_MOLBIO FACULTY, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Genetics
Harvard Medical School
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Principal Faculty
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Associate Member
Broad Institute
cell dedifferentiation; cloning organism; embryonic stem cells; induced pluripotent stem cells; nuclear reprogramming; nuclear transfer techniques; pluripotent stem cells; soxb1 transcription factors Our lab tries to understand the role that stem cells play in normal development and disease. Stem cells have the dual potential to self-renew and give rise to mature cells. They play key roles in development, during tissue homeostasis and following injury in the adult. Moreover, stem cells have been experimentally shown to be the cells of origin in certain types of cancer. To understand the biology of stem cells and to exploit their use for therapy, it is critical to identify and characterize the factors that control the decision between their self-renewal and differentiation under normal physiological conditions and in disease.