Ashok Khatri, M.S.,M.S.

Partner's Peptide/Protein Research Core, Massachusetts General Hospital
Endocrine Division, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
flagellin; hydrogen sulfide; parathyroid hormone; peptide fragments; peptides; receptors, parathyroid hormone; t-lymphocytes, cytotoxic; vacuolar proton-translocating atpases

The primary goal of the Peptide/Protein Core Facility is to provide advanced peptide/protein technology services to the MGH research community. The Core Facility, established originally as a resource for the Endocrine Unit and the Partners AIDS Research Center is now formally established as an institution-wide resource. The Core Facility primarily provides services of peptide synthesis and purification. It also provides protein/peptide sequencing, amino acid analysis and mass spectral analysis. Investigators from throughout the MGH consult with the staff of the Core Facility to facilitate the most effective use of the resources.

Currently, the Core Facility is supported by an NIH program grants to Endocrine Unit and the Partners AIDS Research Center, as well as by charges to individual groups of services rendered. It is expected that these sources of funding will remain the prime support for the Core Facility. 

By supporting the Core Facility, the MGH investigators will ensure a very high quality service to the entire research community. This will result in faster and more efficient service, significant cost savings, and consultative services.