Harry W. Orf, Sc.D., Ph.D.

Sr. VP, Research
Massachusetts General Hospital
Principal Associate in Genetics
Harvard Medical School
ScD Science (honoris causa) University of Missouri - St. Louis 2012
BS Chemistry University of Missouri - St. Louis 1971
MA Chemistry Harvard 1974
PhD Chemistry Harvard 1976
education and training; industry outreach; research administration

Dr. Harry Orf has had a 40-year career in science and administration, including scientific research, research administration, teaching and education outreach and biotechnology start-ups.

At the start of his career, Dr. Orf conducted research in organic and bio-organic chemistry and served as dean of Mather House at Harvard College. He went on to oversee the design and construction and become the inaugural director of the Fairchild Biochemical Laboratories at Harvard University. Dr Orf also served as a Founder and Principal in Cambridge Laboratory Consultants where, over a 25 year span, he assisted with the start-up and operational support of over 65 biotech companies. After master-planning the new Mass General Hospital (MGH) Wellman Building through his consulting firm, Dr. Orf moved in 1983 to Mass General Hospital to become its first director of Molecular Biology Laboratories, a new department housed in the Wellman Buidling. Simultaneously, Dr. Orf transferred from the Harvard FAS faculty to the Genetics Department at Harvard Medical School. Also during his tenure at Mass General, as a champion of minority education, Dr. Orf created the MGH-Timilty Middle School Mentoring Program, which 30 years later, is still flourishing, and for which he received the American Hero Award from the US Department of Education.

In 2003, Dr. Orf's army reserve unit was activated and he spent a year in Iraq on active duty as a Colonel and Senior Nuclear Medical Officer with the 804th Medical Brigade during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Shortly after returning home, Dr. Orf was named Vice President for Scientific Operations and Professor of Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute, where he directed the construction of its new 350,000 square foot Florida campus, and built and directed the entire science support operation. In February 2012, Dr. Orf left Scripps Florida to return to Mass General as its Senior Vice President for Research, where he oversees the largest hospital-based research program in the nation.

Select Publications:

23. “Scripps Florida: On the Front Lines of Hope”, Presentation to the Palm Beach Community, Jupiter, FL, 7 January 2009.

22. “The BioScience Century, 2000 – 2100”, Presentation to the Florida Association of Science Teachers Symposium, Orlando, FL, 25 October 2007.

21. “What the Heck is Biotech?”, CD/DVD Video Presentation for the State of Florida BioScience Career and Education Exposition (state-wide distribution to over 1800 public schools), April 2006.

20. “U.S. Education in the BioScience Century: Are We Ready?”, Presentation to the Florida Mathematics and Science Summit, Orlando, FL, 12 December 2005.

19. “Introduction to the Sciences”, Presentation to the Palm Beach County Science Symposium, West Palm Beach, FL, 5 August 2005.

18. “Introduction to Your World” (1 hour middle school video lesson), The Education Network of Palm Beach County, 25 May 2005. Aired throughout Summer, 2005.

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