Katrina Armstrong, M.D.

Honorary Physician
General Internal Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
Honorary Investigator
Medicine, Mass General Research Institute
MD Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1991
breast cancer risk; breast cancer screening; cancer prevention; care delivery; european continental ancestry group; genes brca1; genes brca2; genetic testing; genomics; healthcare delivery Dr. Armstrong's work focuses at the interface of genomics, cancer and social policy. Her research interests include breast cancer risk and cancer prevention through personalized approaches, as well as innovation in care delivery and comprehensive primary care. She has illuminated factors influencing the translation of advances in genomics into improvements in cancer control and identified novel mechanisms underlying cancer disparities. Using individualized survival curves drawn from a Markov model, she has developed a novel personalized breast cancer screening and communications strategy to improve decision outcomes for high risk women. Dr.  Armstrong has extended her research to examine the effect of communication approaches on cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship behaviors more broadly.
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Charlestown Healthcare
73 High Street
Charlestown, MA 02129