Giselle Perez-Lougee, Ph.D.

PhD Investigator Clinical
Mongan Institute Health Policy Center, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital
PhD University of Connecticut/Storrs 2013
advertising as topic; attitude; cancer survivorship; childhood cancer survivors; direct to consumer advertising; internet; latino; mind-body health; mind-body therapies; minority groups; palliative care; patient participation; stress; underserved populations; vulnerable populations; women's health Dr. Perez is strongly committed to identifying innovative solutions to improve health care equity, quality, and outcomes among vulnerable, underserved and minority groups. To date, Dr. Perez has conducted psychosocial and behavioral research with a variety of cancer populations and with providers (e.g., palliative care clinicians, medical interpreters) who work with these populations. Specific interests include the development of integrative mind-body and behavioral interventions to promote health behavior change, treatment adherence, and treatment outcomes for patients throughout the cancer spectrum.
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