Jeremy Goverman, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Surgery, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School
Associate Visiting Surgeon
Surgery-Burns Services, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine 2000
bioengineering; burn injury; burn outcomes; chemical burns; laser therapy; laser treatment for burns; nexobrid; recell; scarring; skin grafts; telehealth; telemedicine

The focus of my clinical research has been on the use of laser for the treatment of burn and traumatic scarring.

I have performed over 700 laser treatments specifically for scarring from multiple causes.  In addition, I am the principle investigator for several multicenter randomized trials on burn treatments.

One such trial, the DETECT study, utilizes a strong enzyme (Nexobrid) to remove burned skin without surgery and often reduces the need for skin grafting. The DETECT study hopes to pave the way for FDA approval of his product in the United States. We also have experience using ReCell, a regenerative skin cell suspension, that is sprayed onto wounds to help skin regenerate.

My basic science research focuses on the creation of a full thickness skin graft from decellularized pig skin. Thin skin flaps are treated with detergents that remove the native cells, leaving behind a framework, or matrix, which can then be seeded with a patients' own cells. Ultimately, this could eliminate the need for skin grafting using the patient’s own skin.

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