Masao Kaneki, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Investigator
Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Anaesthesia
Harvard Medical School
MD University of Tokyo 1987
PhD University of Tokyo 1995
burns; cysteine thiol modifications; farnesyltranstransferase; farnresylation; hyperglycemia; inflammatory signaling cascades; insulin resistance; molecular pathogenesis; muscle skeletal; nitric oxide donors; nitric oxide synthase type ii; protein s-nitrosylation; stress; vitamin k; vitamin k 2 The overall focus of the laboratory of Masao Kaneki, MD, PhD, is to understand the role of inflammatory/stress signaling cascades in the molecular pathogenesis in human diseases. Inflammation is implicated in a variety of human diseases, whereas it is a necessary and adaptive response to environmental or intrinsic stress. Thus, inflammation functions as a double-edged sword, and hence its activation needs to be tightly regulated.
Nonetheless, how inflammatory response is regulated or when it becomes pathogenic is not well understood. In this context, the major questions my research team has been trying to address include:
  1. How inflammatory response is amplified or sustained in the development of human diseases
  2. How inflammatory response is linked to metabolic alterations (e.g., the Warburg-like metabolic reprogramming)
We focus on cysteine thiol modifications, protein S-nitrosylation (the covalent attachment of nitric oxide to thiols) and farnresylation, as potential hubs of the nexus of positive feed-forward signaling networks that forms the inflammatory Warburg-like metabolic shift complex.
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