Bert Ruiter, Ph.D.

Instructor in Investigation
Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases, Mass General Research Institute
Instructor in Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Research Staff
Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases, Massachusetts General Hospital
PhD University Medical Center of Utrecht 2007
adaptive immunity; allergens; caseins; epitopes t-lymphocyte; food allergies; food hypersensitivity; hla-dq antigens; hypersensitivity immediate; immune response; milk allergies; milk hypersensitivity; peanut hypersensitivity

I am interested in both the innate and adaptive immune response to allergens, and the mechanisms that drive sensitization to allergens in susceptible individuals, as well as tolerance in nonallergic subjects.

Food allergy has been the topic of my PhD project and my postdoctoral fellowship. My PhD project focused on the established adaptive immune response to cow’s milk proteins.

In my postdoctoral project, I investigated the interplay between innate and adaptive immunity in the initial response to peanut allergen. Most importantly, I studied the effect of peanut protein on human dendritic cells, and the subsequent dendritic cell-induced differentiation of naïve T helper cells.

I will continue this line of research as an Instructor.
In addition, I am involved in a study investigating regulatory and effector T cell responses in patients with peanut or milk allergy, who receive oral immunotherapy.

The aim of this study is to identify changes in frequency, gene expression, and T cell receptor usage of these T cells during and after therapy, and to correlate these findings with clinical outcome of the treatment.


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