Torunn I Yock, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Radiology, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Radiation Oncology
Harvard Medical School
Radiation Oncologist
Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Harvard Medical School 1998
brain neoplasms; cerebellar neoplasms; ependymoma; medulloblastoma; orbital neoplasms; organs at risk; protons; radiotherapy; radiotherapy, intensity-modulated; rhabdomyosarcoma; sarcoma, ewing Dr. Yock is currently the director of Pediatric Radiation Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital which is the largest pediatric proton program in the world, having treated over 1700 pediatric proton patients. As the primary investigator of 6 prospective proton protocols, her research focuses on quantifying the late effects and Health-Related Quality of Life in pediatric cancer patients treated with radiotherapy.  In addition, Dr. Yock is leading a successful multi-site pediatric  radiation registry, the Pediatric Proton/Photon Consoritum Registry (PPCR),  in which over 2600 patients have been enrolled and receives support from NCI, and internal funding and some industry support as well.   Dr. Yock's career has focused on measuring health outcomes to further improve upon cure rates and the quality of the survivorship in pediatric cancer patients and applying big data principles to research repositories.  Her research has focused on the role of proton radiotherapy in pediatric cancer and both its power to mitigate late effects in our childhood cancer survivors, but also its potential pitfalls.