Lynne L Levitsky, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Pediatric Endocrinology Program and Diabetes Center, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School
Pediatrics-Pediatric Endocrinology, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Yale University School of Medicine 1966
brain edema; central nervous system cysts; child nutrition disorders; congenital hypothyroidism; diabetes mellitus, type 1; diabetic ketoacidosis; endocrine gland neoplasms; endocrinology; gigantism; growth disorders; hyperthyroidism; hypoglycemia; insulin-like growth factor i; monosaccharide transport proteins; puberty; turner syndrome
My laboratory was the first to describe the use of alternative substrates to glucose by the neonatal primate brain, and to document gluconeogenesis in fetal life. We now have  worked on modulating transcription factor function in the pancreatic beta cell in order to reconstruct the beta cell in other cell types. We  developed a “superpromoter” transcription factor which enhances action in cell types cognate with beta cells.
My major clinical research work focuses on the continuation of the TODAY study, an NIH-funded trial of treatments for type 2 diabetes in children and Adolescents. We have demonstrated that the “fat paradox”, the protective effect of obesity on complications of diabetes, extends to retinopathy in the young. The mechanism of this effect is presently being examined. The patients in this trial are being followed into adulthood so that the natural history of type 2 diabetes in young people can be elucidated. We also will be participating in studies of long-acting growth hormone products in children with growth hormone deficiency. Learn more about research at the Pediatric Endocrine Program and Diabetes Center.