Esther Israel, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Program, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School
Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Program, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1979
beta 2-microglobulin; celiac disease; chronic diarrhea; crohn disease; diarrhea; enterocolitis pseudomembranous; inflammatory bowel diseases; intestinal mucosa; pediatric crohn disease; receptors fc Dr. Israel's current research examines different aspects of the quality of care provided to pediatric patients.  She collaborates with colleagues in radiology to innovatively look at different imaging modalities to assess pediatric patients with diseases related to their gastroinetestinal aystem and liver.  

Recent studies include the use of CT colonography and MR enterography as noninvasive diagnostic tools in the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  The use of ultrasound elastography to assess liver fibrosis is presently being studied.  

Research related to the quality of care given to pediatric patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease has been of particular interest to the Division of Pediatric GI and Nutrition.  Dr. Israel is the co-Principal Investigator of the MGHfC ImproveCareNow (ICN) study, as a participant in the national  ICN Quality Improvement Collaborative.

Dr. Israel has led the Division's quest for determining parameters for a quality pediatric colonoscopy.  She has presented on this at national meetings.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Israel was instrumental in the discovery of the unique role of the neonal Fc receptor in protecting IgG antibody clearance.  Recent pharmacologic and therapeutic advances have capitalized on this concept leading to clinical application in hemophilia.
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Yawkey Center Outpatient Care
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