Allan Goldstein, M.D.

Chair, Pediatric Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital
Marshall K. Bartlett Professor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School
Visiting Surgeon
Pediatric Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD 1993
MS 1989
anal canal; anus diseases; bone morphogenetic proteins; chick embryo; childhood gastrointestinal disorders; colon; constipation; dysmotility; enteric ganglia; enteric nervous system; ganglia autonomic; hirschsprung disease; intestines; microbiome; neural crest; serotonin 5-ht4 receptor agonists I have an active basic science and clinical research program that focuses on improving the diagnosis and treatment of children with disorders of intestinal motility. One example of such a condition is Hirschsprung's disease, a congenital condition in which the lower part of the colon lacks nerve cells. Hirschsprung's disease is associated with severe functional obstruction of the intestine and requires surgery to remove part of the colon. My research is aimed at improving our ability to diagnose and treat children with Hirschsprung's disease.