Georges El Fakhri, Ph.D.

Gordon Center for Medical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital
Professor of Radiology
Harvard Medical School
PhD University of Paris XI - France 1998
image assessment; image generation; magnetic resonance imaging; pet-ct and pet-mri; pharmacokinetic modeling; positron emission tomography; quantitative simultanous pet-mr; radiotherapy; spect

Dr. Georges El Fakhri is the Director of the MGH Gordon PET Core, Gordon Center, and the Postgraduate Training Program in Medical Imaging (PTPMI). He serves as Co-Director of NMMI Division at MGH and of Physics and Instrumentation in the Harvard Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine.

He is a Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. His research interests include:

  • Quantitative Methods in PET-CT and SPECT-CT
  • Image Generation and Clinical task-based Image Assessment
  • Quantitative Simultaneous PET-MR
  • PET-CT and SPECT Instrumentation
  • Monitoring Radiotherapy with PET
  • Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Physiological Processes