Vasily Belov, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator
Gordon Center for Medical Imaging, Mass General Research Institute
Instructor in Radiology
Harvard Medical School
PhD Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics 2007
brain parenchyma; central nervous system; cerebrospinal fluid; cns; csf; enzyme replacement therapy; hydrocarbons iodinated; iduronate sulfatase; iodine radioisotopes; isradipine; macromolecular drugs; mucopolysaccharidosis ii; positron-emission tomography; rejuvenation

Dr. Belov's present research work as Assistant in Physics relates to the investigation of the promising and therapeutically effective routes for delivery of macromolecular drugs to the central nervous system (CNS). Through years of investigational efforts, he and his colleagues were able to demonstrate that cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can be used for drug administration resulting in high brain penetration. Now, he's focusing on studying biophysical aspects of drug transport in the CSF, developing approaches to enhance retention of drugs in the CSF, and unveiling conduits connecting CSF and brain parenchyma.