Luana Marques, Ph.D.

PhD Investigator Clinical
Psychiatry, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Temporary Academic
Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital
Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport MGH Research Scholar 2020-2025
Mass General Research Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital
PHD State University of New York at Buffalo 2007
anxiety disorders; body dysmorphic disorders; body image; cognitive therapy; community health; cross-cultural comparison; emotions; ethnic disparities; grief; low-income populations; mental health services; obsessive-compulsive disorder; perception; phobic disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder Dr. Marques’ major clinical and research interests include the treatment of anxiety disorders, with a particular focus on the implementation of empirically supported treatments for patients suffering from the various anxiety disorders in community health clinics. Her research goal is to decrease disparities in care for psychiatric patients, especially among low-income and ethnic minority patients.