Clemens Alt, Ph.D.

Instructor in Dermatology
Harvard Medical School
Instructor in Investigation
Wellman Ctr Lin Lab M, Mass General Research Institute
acoustics; anti-inflammatory agents; dexamethasone; in vivo imaging; laser coagulation; limbus corneae; microglia; pigment epithelium of eye; retina; retinal diseases; retinal vessels

The main research focus of our group is to develop minimally invasive optical techniques for in vivo imaging and monitoring of cells and tissues as well as therapeutic applications of lasers. The diagnostic techniques will help to answer important biological questions, such as:

  • In-vivo monitoring of cell trafficking in circulation
  • Imaging of vasculature and microenvironment in tissue
  • Interaction of cells with microenvironment

The therapeutic techniques allow us to target cellular and subcellular structures by means of selective absorption of endogenous or exogenous chromophores. Selective targeting may be helpful for treating various pathologies, such as retinal diseases or destruction of tumors, without causing adverse side effects to healthy tissue.