David Miyamoto, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Harvard Medical School
Center for Cancer Research, Massachusetts General Hospital
Associate Member
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
MD Harvard Medical School 2006
androgen antagonists; biomarkers; bladder cancer; circulating tumor cells; genetic markers; genetic testing; neoplasms hormone-dependent; neoplastic cells circulating; prostate cancer; receptors androgen; tumor markers biological; wnt proteins The Miyamoto laboratory focuses on the discovery and development of novel biomarkers to guide the personalized treatment of patients with prostate cancer and bladder cancer. We focus on two general classes of biomarkers, namely those based on the molecular profiles of tumor biopsies, and those based on circulating tumors cells (CTCs) in the blood that can be sampled non-invasively and repeatedly. By analyzing these patient-derived specimens, we have identified new molecular predictors of response to therapy and potential mechanisms of treatment resistance. Our overall aim is to develop tools for “real-time precision medicine” to probe the molecular signatures of cancers as they evolve over time, and to guide the precise and rational selection of appropriate therapies for each individual patient with cancer.
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Cancer Center
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