Kimberly Blumenthal, MD, MSC

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Associate Physician
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Yale University School of Medicine 2009
MSc 2016
allergy and immunology; anti-bacterial agents; antibiotic allergies; antibiotic stewardship; cephalosporins; drug allergy; drug hypersensitivity; drug prescriptions; education; eosinophilia; exanthema; over-reported drug allergies; penicillins; skin tests; stevens-johnson syndrome; vancomycin Kimberly Blumenthal, MD, MSc is an Allergist/Immunologist and drug allergy researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is also the Director of Allergy/Immunology Clinical Epidemiology Research within the Division of Rheumatology Allergy and Immunology, the Quality and Safety Officer for Allergy at the Edward P. Lawrence Center for Quality and Safety, and the Quality Director for Allergy/Immunology. Dr. Blumenthal performs drug allergy research that uses methods of epidemiology, informatics, economics, and decision science. Her research is funded by the NIH and foundations, including the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Foundation and CRICO, the risk management foundation of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Blumenthal is recognized nationally for having created innovative approaches to the evaluation of penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotic allergies in the hospital that have since been adopted by other hospitals throughout the US and internationally, broadly referenced, and incorporated into expert recommendations.