Samaneh Nasiri, PhD

Instructor in Investigation
Neurology, Mass General Research Institute
epilepsy; machine learning for healthcare appplication; predicting neurological outcome; sleep study
Dr. Nasiri is a junior faculty at Harvard Medical School and McCance Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, working on improving generalization for health and wellness applications using signal processing and machine learning techniques. Before joining HMS as a faculty, she was a post-doctoral research fellow in the neurology department at MGH, working under the supervision of Prof. Westover and Prof. R. Thomas. She is leading the CAISR project (Complete AI Sleep Report), where the aim is to develop a complete AI sleep algorithm that generalizes across age, gender, and ethnicity. Before moving to Boston, she was awarded her Ph.D. at Emory School of Medicine in the department of biomedical informatics, working under the supervision of Prof. Clifford. She has had a great deal of research experience in machine learning, signal processing, and optimization. The main focus of her research is to bring together AI, mathematics, computation, and medical knowledge to study and develop new solutions to a wide variety of real-world medical problems, e.g., sleep analysis, and predicting neurological and cardiovascular diseases. More specifically, theoretical signal processing and machine learning, unsupervised deep learning, and self/semi-supervised transfer learning are some research topics that she works on.