George Papakostas, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Psychiatry, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD 1998
antidepressive agents; antidepressive agents second-generation; depressive disorder major; fluoxetine; s-adenosylmethionine; serotonin uptake inhibitors; treatment-resistant depression Dr. Papakostas is involved in overseeing numerous studies focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Major Depressive Disorder that is resistant or refractory to standard therapy. He is also active in educating clinicians locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally on the management of major depressive disorder, as well as in disseminating cutting-edge research in this field of study through numerous manuscripts published in top-notch scientific journals. Dr. Papakostas is also coauthor of the book entitled: "Parmacotherapy for Depression and Treatment-Resistant Depression" which, currently is the most up-to-date and comprehensive source document focusing on the treatment of this medical illness.
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