David Schoenfeld, Ph.D.

Investigator, Senior
Biostatistics Center, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Medicine, Emeritus
Harvard Medical School
adult respiratory distress syndrome; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; bcancer; biomarkers; biometry; clinical trials as topic; control groups; critical care; data interpretation statistical; hiv; proportional hazards models; randomized controlled trials as topic; research design; sample size; survival analysis

Dr. Schoenfeld developed the first omnibus goodness of fit test for the proportional hazards regression model, a model that is used extensively in clinical trials which have survival or time to progression as an endpoint. He also developed widely used graphical techniques for this model. He authored a popular web site for sample size (http://hedwig.mgh.harvard.edu/size.html) considerations for clinical trials.

He directs the Clinical Coordinating Center for the ARDS Clinical Network, a national group doing clinical trials on Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. He collaborates with diverse groups at Massachusetts General Hospital, including the Clinical Research Center, many of the units in the Endocrine division, the Transplant Program, the Coordinating Center for the Cancer Genetics Network, and the Burn Unit.

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