Xudong Huang, Ph.D.

Investigator, Senior
Psychiatry, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Neuro-Oncology , Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
algorithms; alzheimer's disease; artificial intelligence; big data analytics; blockchain; convolutional neural network; deep learning; depression; drug discovery; exposome; machine learning; metal oxide nanoparticles; metals; neurodegeneration My current research thrusts are: (i) validating the roles of modifiable exposomal factors such as exposure of metals and metal oxide nanoparticles in Alzheimer’s disease (AD); (ii) exploring novel applications of biomedical big data analytics, network medicine (NM), and machine- or deep learning (ML/DL) algorithms, independent component analysis (ICA) and molecular imaging (MI) methods in AD; (iii) AD drug discovery using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual drug screening techniques.
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