Eng Lo, Ph.D.

Radiology, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Radiology
Harvard Medical School
Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport MGH Research Scholar (2012-2017)
Mass General Research Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital
Affiliate Faculty
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
astrocytes; blood-brain barrier; brain ischemia; cerebral hemorrhage; endothelial cells; matrix metalloproteinase 9; neuroprotective agents; stroke; tissue plasminogen activator The Massachusetts General Hospital Neuroprotection Research Lab uses in vitro and in vivo models to investigate the molecular mechanisms that underlie cell death after stroke and trauma, and assess novel strategies for neuroprotection.

Our tools comprise a combination of in vivo imaging, pharmacology, and molecular cell biology. We seek to understand how perturbations in cell-cell and cell-matrix signaling mediate neurovascular dysfunction in brain injury and neurodegeneration.

As part of the HMS Program in Neuroscience, our lab welcomes PhD candidates who are interested in the neurobiology of disease.
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CNY-Building #149
149 13th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129