David Elmaleh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Radiology, Part-time
Harvard Medical School
Gordon Center for Medical Imaging, Mass General Research Institute
Research Staff
Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
PhD Hebrew University Medical School 1971
biomarkers; carbon radioisotopes; central nervous system receptors; cerebral blood flow; dinucleoside phosphates; drug design; energy metabolism; fatty acids; iodine radioisotopes; medical technologies; myocardial function; radioactive tracers; radiopharmaceuticals; tomography emission-computed
  • Capture medical technologies at their inception for developing novel drugs and healthcare products for the future
  • Focusing on improving human health care using novel approaches for early diagnosis and follow-up treatment
  • Clinical trial design for Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Drug design and discovery
  • Radiopharmaceutical development, biological evaluation of new agents
  • Radioactive tracer kinetic analysis in physiology and medicine
  • Development of agents and/or biomarkers for assessment of (a) central nervous system receptors, energy metabolism and cerebral blood flow, (b) myocardial function
  • Drug/Device applications in Medicine
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Boston, MA 02114