Drucilla Roberts, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Pathology, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Pathology
Harvard Medical School
Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Harvard Medical School/Health Sciences and Technology Division 1985
body patterning; bone morphogenetic proteins; chorioamnionitis; digestive system; enteric nervous system; fetal diseases; health care rationing; pathology; perinatal care; placenta; pregnancy complications; pregnancy complications, hematologic; pregnancy complications, infectious; thrombophilia My clinical interests are focused on perinatal pathology and the biology of histopathologic findings. I aim to understand the influences of maternal and fetal pathology on the placenta in order to predict neonatal outcome. I am investigating stillbirth, as the cause of death in up to 80% of third trimester stillbirths is not understood.

I am involved in providing pathology services and education to the developing world, especially sub-Saharan Africa. Current studies include looking at placental sequestration of malaria, effects of biomass on placental development via cooking fuels, alcohol exposure effects on the placenta, and causes of stillbirth. I am involved with humanitarian efforts that include building, equipping, and sustaining a clinical laboratory with fine needle aspiration services in Adua, Ethiopia.

In 2011, I directed the first Harvard CME Pathology course in Sub-Saharan Africa titled "The contribution of anatomic pathology to the health of women and children", and hope to offer more in African countries. 

Another goal is to offer satellite availability for African pathologists to attend courses from our department in the United States. For more information about research concepts, co-authors, and to see a timeline, visit my profile at the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center.
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