Judy Hung, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Cardiovascular Research Center, Mass General Research Institute
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Tufts University School of Medicine 1990
echocardiography, three-dimensional; mitral valve; mitral valve annuloplasty; mitral valve insufficiency; mitral valve stenosis; myocardial ischemia; papillary muscles; tricuspid valve insufficiency; ventricular dysfunction, left I am a cardiologist with a special interest in valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease and optimizing noninvasive cardiac imaging techniques to improve diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. 

My research involves understanding mechanisms of valvular heart disease and development of novel therapies to treat valve disease
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Yawkey Center Outpatient Care
32 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114