Wenzhong Xiao, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator
Shriners Hospitals for Children - Boston, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School
PhD UC Berkeley 2002
alternative splicing; blood proteins; burns; gene expression profiling; genes, regulator; leukocytes; microfluidic analytical techniques; nucleic acid amplification techniques; oligonucleotide array sequence analysis; proteome; proteomics; pseudomonas aeruginosa; pseudomonas infections; rna splice sites; sequence analysis, rna Dr. Wenzhong Xiao is Director of the Immuno-Metabolic Computational Center at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Harvard Medical School. He also leads a Computational Genomics Group at Stanford Genome Technology Center (SGTC). His research is at the interface of computation, genomics and medicine. A major bottleneck of genome medicine today is around data analysis, interpretation, and integration. His research interest is to develop approaches to address these challenges and to help translate genome technologies to better disease diagnosis, prevention, and therapeutics, especially in studies of human immune and metabolic diseases. In collaboration with research at SGTC and Open Medicine Foundation (OMF), his lab has been analyzing the Severely Ill Patient Big Data Study and other studies on ME / CFS and comparing ME / CFS with other diseases. Dr. Xiao is a member of the OMF Scientific Advisory Board and Co-Director of the OMF funded Harvard ME / CFS Collaboration at the Harvard-Affiliated Hospitals.