Marc Nathan Wein, M.D., Ph.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Endocrine Division, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Assistant In Medicine
Endocrine Division, Massachusetts General Hospital
Associate Member
Broad Institute
M.D.; Ph.D. Harvard Medical School 2009
bone resorption; core binding factor alpha 1 subunit; hyperparathyroidism, secondary; lentivirus; organ size; osteoblasts; osteoclasts; osteogenesis The Wein laboratory studies molecular mechanisms controlling osteocyte differentiation and function. Our research focuses on transcriptional control of sclerostin, an osteocyte-specific secreted protein that happens to be a drug target for osteoporosis. We are interested in understanding how osteocytes turn on sclerostin, and how signals that boost bone formation (parathyroid hormone, mechanical loading) regulate its expression.