Robert Anthony, Ph.D.

Associate Investigator
Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Frisbie Family MGH Research Scholar 2021-2026
Massachusetts General Hospital
allergies; anaphylaxis; cell degranulation; glycoproteins; glycosylation; homeostasis; igg; immunoglobulin fc fragments; immunoglobulin glycosylation; n-acetylneuraminic acid; polysaccharides; receptors ige Antibodies are the preeminent effector proteins of the immune system. The bimodal activity of antibodies allows simultaneous recognition of antigen (by the antigen-binding fragment, Fab) with high affinity, and recruitment and activation of leukocytes through interactions between the constant, crystallizable fragment (Fc) and Fc receptors (FcRs) expressed by innate immune cells. Studies have demonstrated that antibody glycosylation is an important regulator of Fc-FcR interactions. Our laboratory is particularly interested in the role and regulation of IgE and IgG glycosylation in health and disease.
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