Franziska Plessow, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator
Neuroendocrine, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Research Staff
Neuroendocrine, Massachusetts General Hospital
PhD Dresden University of Technology 2011
anorexia nervosa; endocrine disease; endocrine pathophysiology; hypothalamic diseases; obesity; pituitary disease
Our goal is to conduct research that will ultimately improve clinical care for patients with neuroendocrine disorders.

Research at the Neuroendocrine and Pituitary Tumor Clinical Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is divided into four major areas including:
  1. Pathogenesis and regulation of human pituitary adenomas;
  2. Pathophysiology of neuroendocrine disorders;
  3. Relationship between neuroendocrine factors and body composition including anorexia nervosa and obesity and;
  4. Development of novel therapies for patients with pituitary and hypothalamic disorders.