Ana Ubeda Tikkanen, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mass General Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Harvard Medical School
Clinical Affiliate
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Universidad Autonoma De Madrid 2004
arthroplasty replacement; cardiac output; congenital heart defects; congenital heart disease; exercise; exercise therapy; exercise tolerance; health status indicators; motor activity; oxygen consumption; rehabilitation; spasticity

The focus of my practice is providing the best rehabilitation care to children with disabilities. Spasticity management is a core component of my practice with Botox and Phenol injections as well as Baclofen pump management.

I have a special interest in patients with congenital heart disease and tailoring their rehabilitation programs to their individual needs. My expertise derives from a Research Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology that focused on exercise physiology and testing in patients with congenital heart disease; numerous publications as well as a PhD thesis with honors resulted from the afore mentioned Fellowship. This academic background has been complimented with a Clinical Fellowship in Pediatric Rehabilitation.