James Burns, M.D.

Associate Professor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School
Visiting Surgeon
Otolaryngology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Physician Investigator (Cl)
Surgery, Mass General Research Institute
MD University of Virginia School of Medicine 1991
epithelial laryngeal diseases; laryngeal diseases; laryngeal neoplasms; laryngoscopy; larynx; laser therapy; papilloma; pre-cancerous dysplasia; pulsed ktp laser surgery; simulation training; vocal cords Dr. Burns' research interests include pulsed-KTP laser surgery for benign and malignant laryngeal disease, vocal fold paralysis, and high-speed vocal fold imaging. He is interested in developing high-fidelity simulation models to teach office-based laryngeal surgery.

The voice center group, under the direction of Dr. Steven Zeitels and in collaboration with Dr. Rox Anderson, applied concepts of selective vessel ablation to develop a new paradigm in the treatment of epithelial laryngeal diseases such as papilloma and pre-cancerous dysplasia. The new treatment strategy was adapted to office-based surgery, allowing patients to avoid repeated general anesthetics. This treatment strategy is becoming widely adapted within the otolaryngologic community worldwide.

Dr. Burns' numerous clinical and research contributions have been featured in national peer-reviewed journals, and he has been a guest speaker at numerous U.S. institutions including Johns Hopkins, UPENN, The Cleveland Clinic, and Stanford University. He is a frequent lecturer internationally including presentations at prestigious meetings in Sydney, Seoul, Singapore and Cairo.
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