Vanessa Bradford Kerry, M.D.

Physician Investigator (Cl)
Pulmonary, Mass General Research Institute
Associate Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Assistant In Medicine
Medicine-Pulmonary & Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital
MD Harvard Medical School 2007
academic medical centers; faculty nursing; global health; global health development; gynecology; health disparities; health education; health occupations; health systems in crisis; international cooperation; international educational exchange; medical missions official; obstetrics

Vanessa Kerry is the director of the Program in Global Public Policy and Social Change in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The program helps examine the underutilization of healthcare as a tool to address economic, social, and cultural disparities that define poor health domestically and internationally.

The Program’s signature initiative is the Threatened Health System Initiative which specifically focuses on the opportunities for protecting health systems in crisis response especially by security and military actors.

The Initiative’s goal is to strengthen policies around crisis response, to develop networks between security actors, health providers, iNGOs and others to improve problem solving, to engage in research to better understand the health systems’ vulnerability and the subsequent opportunities for improved response, and to provide technical support to build capacity in in these systems.

Dr. Kerry is the founder and CEO of Seed Global Health, a non-profit that invests in health system strengthening by training needed health professionals in resource limited settings; through her work at Seed Global Health, she examines the role for and impact of improving human resources for health in these countries.

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